Monday, August 14, 2017

Tips On How To Move With Dogs! "Article provided by Medina at"

Is there a magical Dog-Friendly moving fairy?  


Moving. Ugh. So much to think about and plan for. WouldnÕt it be nice if a magical fairy could wave a wand and set you down in San Diego with your dog and a completed to-do list?


The good news is you have so much to look forward to in San Diego: like playing in the sand at The Original Dog Beach, shopping at Westfield UTC, or paddleboarding with your dog at Aqua Adventures... Not to mention the vast number of dog-friendly restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops!


So while you do have to deal with the move first, you have so much to look forward to once youÕre all settled in. And guess what? The move really isnÕt that terrible!


Here are 8 tips to help make sure your move to San Diego is pleasant for you and your pet (none of these involve a magical fairy).


For more information:

1. Visit to find pet friendly establishments

2. Visit to order new ID tags

3. Visit to read vet reviews

4. Visit for help with packing a travel bag for your dog

5. Visit to hire pet friendly movers

6. Visit for tips on managing your petÕs stress

7. Visit for more tips on moving with a pet

8. Visit to get tips on being calm and patient with your dog


ThereÕs no denying that moving with a pet can be stressful, but our guide to moving with a pet will ease your mind and allow you to knock out the other things on your list that stand between you and the adventures that await you and your dog in San Diego.

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