Wednesday, April 5, 2017

5 Things California Homebuyers Look For That Make Them Different

5 Things California Homebuyers Look For That MakeThem Different

Homebuyers in California need to be quick and savvy.
High property prices, and limited inventory, make it
essential that they come prepared and ask the right
questions. While homebuyers in all markets are increasing
using the Internet, apps, and other tools to educate
themselves, before and during the process, there are a few
things that California homebuyers look for that set them
apart from the crowd.

Property Specific Taxes, Like Mello-Roos
Unique to California is the Mello-Roos tax, which is
applied to the owners of certain properties to help fund
local schools, parks, and services. While this can be a good
a thing, (the resulting schools in these communities often
have extra funds and are excellent), this tax is something
almost all savvy homebuyers in California will be on the
lookout for.

Location and Commute
Location is always important when it comes to buying a
property, but California’s network of freeways, and large
population of commuters, means a five mile drive to work
each way can be an hour and a half in the car. For those
who work fulltime, quick access to freeways and an easy
commute can be a huge factor in where they chose to call

The Natural Hazards Report
In June of 1998, California passed the Natural Hazards
Disclosure Act. This outlined the way that any potential
hazards, (such as being in an Earthquake Fault zone),
associated with the home and property had to be disclosed.
The disclosure is now a mandatory part of any real estate
transaction and copies of the report have to be signed by
both buyer and seller, before escrow can close. California
buyers will want to read and understand this report and
recognize that it is an important element in evaluating their
new home.

Local Schools
California has some of the best public schools in the
country. The state is home to over 650 schools recognized
by US News and World Report as among the best high
schools in the nation. Buyers here care deeply about the
school district associated with their property.

The Green Factor
Californians have always been ahead of the curve when it
comes to preserving their beautiful beaches and
environmental activism. As a result, many buyers here are
drawn to homes with “green” features, from solar panels to
heating and cooling system upgrades. These factors make
the house a better investment as well… a recent study
showed that energy efficiency upgrades significantly boost

the resale value of a home.